Home Generators Are In Massive Demand

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The Demand For Backup Power Increases

The year 2020 has led to many surprises and even more unimaginable events. Homeowners and business owners alike have now understood the need to have reliable standby backup power at a moment’s notice. Emergency backup power is not something new. Automatic home generators are in massive demand and selling out from all manufactures nationwide. With new order ship dates as far out as April 2021, NOW is the time to connect with the experts at Midwest Electric & Generator to secure your generator installation for this year. Do not wait until winter! Generator units and accessories will be gone.

In Generac News

Automatic standby home generators are out of stock throughout the nation due to the massive demand for this year. Generac has reached an all-time high for delivery wait times. Now stating homeowners and business owners can expect up to 12-16 weeks from the day of the order. Generac is forecasting these longer than usual wait times to only increase as we move towards the winter months.

Generac home generators are in massive demand even more than the superstorm Sandy in 2012. Wait times were only 6-8 weeks back then. This increase in demand is consistent in small communities like Askov, Clarkfield, Floodwood, Loretto, Ogilvie, Zumbro; as well as large cities like Fargo, Brainerd, Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Stillwater, and Hudson. No matter where you are in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or North Dakota, you will be affected by increasing delivery wait times.

How will Generac catch up when home generators are in massive demand?

Generac has discussed the use of a three-fold approach.

  1. Run at full utilization with a temporary Home Standby line. This will roughly add 20-25% capacity.
  2. Install permanent capacity to increase capacity 75-80% above 2020 levels.
  3. Dual-source every key component that goes into the final assembly process at all Generac United States factories.

Midwest Electric & Generator Increasing Installations

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Midwest Electric & Generator has been proactive. Increasing standby home generator supplies has put our team of experts in a great position to help our customers. Midwest Electric & Generator has led the industry as the only PowerPro Premier dealer within a five-state region. We have the availability to provide FREE Estimates, secure your generator unit, and book your generator installation for this year. Take action now for ultimate peace-of-mind!

Home Generators Provide Solutions

You never know when a power outage may happen. You cannot count on being there when it does. If a storm knocks out power while you’re away, you won’t be able to replenish freezers with ice. You won’t be able to buy supplies or protect your electronic equipment.

If you have young children or elderly residents, a standby generator will ensure their safety and quality of life by keeping security systems and basic life functions operable. For those with disabilities or who need oxygen tanks, insulin, and more, having a generator could be a matter of life or death. Even pets count on you to maintain a cool or warm environment, whether you’re there or not.

Electronics that need to be connected to run systems like the internet, computer, healthcare machinery, and communications systems could send hospital patients and entire communities into a tailspin during a power failure. Even in a home office, power outages can cause damage to computers or lead to the loss of important digital work. If you can’t use your home, an option is to rent a hotel – if any are available – and even then the costs can add up, not to mention spoiled food and cost of replacement.

If you run on well water or have a sump pump, you’ll need a standby backup generator for drinking water, to continue taking showers, using faucets and toilets, cooking, or to prevent flooding from sump pump overflow.

Expert Home Generator Installation

Midwest Electric & Generator are the experts in the industry and for good reason!  Midwest Electric & Generator stands by our promise to provide only the best products, superior service, and the peace-of-mind know you are protected from outages. Our team of professionally trained and factory-certified technicians and staff are with you from the day you choose your elite brand generator, through installation, and for the life of the generator. We specialize in safe electrical work that doesn’t disrupt your home or business to lasts for years to come. It’s just one of the reasons why so many clients recommend us to the most important people in their lives: friends and family.

Midwest Electric & Generator makes it easy for any homeowner or business. Offering FREE Estimates both virtually or onsite, keeping your needs at the forefront!  During your free estimate, we will carefully listen to your concerns, needs, and expectations. Then we take load calculations of all the electric appliances you will want to have on standby power. We will also assess the property to ensure the location of gas or propane as well as the location the generator will be placed outside. Lastly, we will make our recommendations of brands and sizes, along with pricing. Our experts walk you through the process to make sure that you have the backup power that you need.

Home Generators are in massive demand and wait times are increasing. Contact Midwest Electric & Generator TODAY to ensure your generator installation for yet this year!

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