Best Investment for Unstable Power in the Twin Cities

It’s no surprise that the Twin Cities, Metro and greater parts of Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota receive unpredictable weather and winters that seem to linger on and on. What’s surprising on the contrary is when the power goes out unrelated to heavy snow, strong winds, and storms. Yes, the electrical grids are aging, underfunded and incapable of bringing us into a new energy future.

Electricity is what powers most of what we use daily. More and more we rely on the electrical grid to maintain the lifestyle we want and the safety we need. People depend on having heat, running water, lights, and power to medical devices such as oxygen tanks, elevators and power-lift chairs. In addition, appliances like your freezer and refrigerator to store food, stove to cook and a washer and dryer have now become necessities of life.

With electricity being essential, what are your options for when the power does go out? Do you have a plan for the unpredictable? It is not a matter of “IF” the power goes out but “WHEN” and for how long.  

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